7 Christmas Gifts For Adventurers

Do you have a weird sister, father or lover who likes to put on heavy boots and goes hiking towards some place for no apparent reason? Do they like to go outside and sleep in a tent while humans have been perfecting the indoors for hundreds of years?

Yes, I know.. It’s weird, but still, you should get them a gift.
They are your family after all.

Here are seven items that I personally love to use and might make for a great Christmas gift.

Toaks Light Titanium 550ml Pot

I got myself the ‘original’ version of this one instead of the ‘light’, so it’s not exactly the same. But if the recipient of your gift is into lightweight gear, this is as good as it can get (even if it just looks like a stupid cup to you). It’s not made for actually cooking food in it, but it’s just perfect to boil water for your freeze dried meals or to make some coffee. The weight of this cooking pot is 72 grams with the lid included.


Foldable Cup

While I’m a big fan of the more expensive cooking pot from Toaks, the drinking cup I use most of the time is a cheap foldable one. It doesn’t come into contact with fire so there’s no need to be made of titanium. It’s super light, super small and very budget friendly. A perfect stocking filler!


MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes

Does your friend own a tent and is he or she still using the tent stakes that came with it? There’s a big chance that those stakes are.. well, ‘not very good‘ all the way up till ‘horrible‘. They turn and twist around when the wind starts to blow and eventually pull themselves out of the ground. These stakes from MSR really make a difference in a storm. They are also very durable so you don’t need to be afraid to bent one when stomping it into the ground.


Rite in the Rain All Weather Notebook N°135

This normal looking notepad has one special feature. It is (as the name already suggests) water resistant. I use it on hiking trips to write down notes about the trail at the end of the day or to keep the scores of our card games documented. The chance of your scores ending up as a wet towel is zero. So if you are losing most of the time, like me, and wish that the scores would disappear by accident, stick with normal paper.


Exped Down Socks

This gift is a bit more specific. If your friend likes to go trekking during winter, these down socks are such a treat to put on after a day in the snow. Next to the socks, it’s also possible to buy a waterproof shell for them. That way you can walk around camp in the snow without an issue. My friends had a good laugh when I showed them the socks.. until we were a couple days into the trail and I was chilling with these on my toasty feet #noregrets.


Silva Expedition Compass

Yes, a GPS is a handy tool and since I got one, it’s always with me on the trail. But still, I also never go on a serious hike without a map and compass. A GPS can always fail, the battery can die and it’s also just fun to navigate in the old school way. Not long ago, mine broke down during a very misty hike in Lake District but luckily I still had a map with me. So if you are looking for a compass and you want the best quality with all the features, the Silva Expedition is what you need.


If he or she already owns a compass but still gets lost all the time, this book could be a great gift.

Petzl Bindi Headlamp

A very light yet powerful headlamp from Petzl. It only weighs 35 grams, outputs a nice 200 lumen and is USB rechargeable. Because of its low bulk, the Petzl Bindi is also a perfect companion during your post dusk running sessions.


Got some great gift ideas or did you pick something from my list? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy holidays everyone! ?

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